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Guilt-Free Vacationing with CVZ Retreat!

Say "HELL YES" to yourself and achieve work-life balance while still growing professionally!

June 3, 2020 - June 8, 2020

Get ready to join a small group of professional powerhouses for a week of business and personal transformation.


- The experience of actually saying YES to YOURSELF.

- Having the courage to take some QT away from your job/biz without feeling guilty.

- Achieving work-life balance while still growing professionally…

- As you become more balanced, it doesn’t mean your success level plateaus…it’s quite the opposite, actually!

- Being on a retreat with positive, like-minded badasses for a week of transformation.

- Having a proven method to STRAIGHT UP kick the guilt to the DAYUM curb for an afternoon off to go see your kid’s play or a long weekend with the boo.

- Leaving the retreat rested, recharged, and with tools that you’ve personally tested to stay consistent when you return home.


Hey there,

You’re totes killin’ it in life, and you look so DAYUM good on paper I need to put some shades 😎 on to read about you…

You’re livin’ what most consider “the” dream life, have nearly everything you want, money to spend as you wish, and you know deep down that you’re not as happy as you thought you’d be.

Sometimes when you slow down long enough actually to think about it, you catch yourself wondering and asking yourself,

"Is this really it?"

You’re very proud of what you’ve accomplished thus far, but there’s this feeling in the pit of your belly that leaves you wondering if there’s more for YOU, and you thought there was going to be something at the top.

Try lonely at the top…man, oh man, is it LONELY AF at the top!

So…you stay hella busy because you’re really good at BUSY.

You’re BUSY being BUSY!

The reality is though that you give so much to everyone else in your efforts that but the end of the day, week, month, the year, there’s not that much QT left for you.

You’re initially intrigued by the variety of blogs and podcasts trying to get your attention about self-care tips out there… they sound like a good idea at the moment, but as you get pulled into your next task, it feels overwhelming, and you’re not sure where to start because your day is already too busy to commit the time for proper research, trial, and error.

You think this whole self-care game just won’t work out for you because you’re different.

Your career is different, and you have to be there because after all, you might lose your job if someone noticed you took a long weekend, or your biz will go belly up if you take the family vacation you’ve been waiting to take.

I'm Casey, but my friends call me CVZ,

and I’m here to drop some real talk about how you can achieve work-life balance while still growing professionally and become even more unstoppable in both your biz and life by adding more quality time for yourself.

I’m a business consultant and high-performance mindset coach and have been working with six to seven-figure entrepreneurs, executives, and corporate teams in this space for the last 7 years and introduced wellness retreats into my biz in 2018 to share my work in retreat settings.

My pet peeve: FLUFF…which you’ll get none of that from me!

That’s why this retreat was born just for you.

It’s a 5 night / 6 days wellness retreat filled with yoga, meditation, quiet beach walks, group coaching, journaling and of course R&R – that’s right I’ve built almost 20 hours of R&R so you can return home fully rested and recharged…aka you don’t need a vacation from your vacation.

I believe transformation is easy when you’re following a proven formula with solid tools to strengthen your mindset.

By the end of the retreat, you won’t just walk away inspired.

You will leave your vacation with REAL TOOLS to remove the guilt that you’ve practiced on your trip that you will use for the rest of your life whether you’re taking a ½ day to get to your kid’s soccer game or you’re taking a long weekend with you boo…

You see, by taking time for yourself, you’re filling up your cup, so you’re able to create space to think and come up with new techniques to prosper.

Let me letcha in on a lil of my back story. Before venturing into becoming an entrepreneur, I was a successful executive-level corporate gal and climbed the ladder at a breakneck pace until STRESS joined the party.

Stress turned up to play in such a way it wasn’t really a party.

Before I knew it, STRESS took my ASS out of work for 6 weeks on medical stress leave.


That medical stress leave forced me to change the way I do life in every single way.

The ONLY cool part of the leave is when I returned back to work, I stayed in Corporate America at an Executive Level for another two or so years, but things were pretty different.

Different in a great way.

I quickly observed that I was able to keep my success status, ya know street my street cred… AND continue to get recognized + earn more promotions, but this go around I was balanced and no longer stressed.

Since then, I’ve had an ongoing fire in my belly to help others and show them a different way of doing success in that you can totally be a BADASS corporate powerhouse or be a seven-figure entrepreneur, and you can still have a quality personal life.

I have been on a mission to show successful badasses a different, more relaxed way to operate since I left the corporate world nearly seven years ago.

Join me for a week of personal transformation – let’s do this.

Xoxo, CVZ (your new mindset coach).

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See what everyone is saying about CVZ’s Wellness Retreats

“I learned more about myself over the last 10 days than I have in the last four years.” ~ Mary

“Casey puts her whole heart and being into creating a warm and loving setting to recharge and reflect. You will walk away richer within and will have long-lasting bonds – very recommended.” ~ Steph

“Go on a retreat with Casey…she’s lovely, sweet, and a divine leader to hold the space for your softening.” ~ Cassandra

“I loved how no matter what we talked about, I could relate it to my life in some way. I never felt left out, and I’m leaving with so much clarity and all the support from everyone.” ~ Emily

“Casey’s retreat was a deep and magical experience for me. It taught me so much, and I am just for grateful for the time spent in such a special place.” ~ Amanda

This wellness retreat is for you if…

- You’re killin’ it in your job/biz, but you feel overwhelmed at the mere thought of taking a little bit of time off from it

- You want to have a personal life (QT for you, baby!)

- You’re kind of scared of taking time off, confused about what a quality life looks like, unclear about how to go about kickin’ the guilt to the MF’ng curb.

- You want to connect with positive and other like-minded badasses who are ready to wake up and start living life in a better way.

- You want to experience a feeling of relief as you truly implement what you learn on this trip so that you know exactly what to do when you return home.

Your biz/career and life simply won’t be the same when you leave a Guilt-Free Vacationing with CVZ Retreat.

You totes want to spend the week in paradise on an ocean front property (AKA Mexico) and enjoy the fu*k outta yourself while learning how to kick the guilt and become even more unstoppable in biz life by taking care of yourself.


Get ready for the best week of your life:


- Meditation + Beach Walking Meditations

- (2) group coaching workshops around removing guilt for taking time for yourself away from your career

- Journaling

- 20 hours of built in R&R so you come back rested and recharged

- All delicious homemade meals

- Airport transfer (on June 3 and June 8 SDJ), lodging, and taxes

Sample Day

Walking Beach Meditation
Free time: to lay in the sun, paddle board, relax, nap, and chill
Free time: to do whatever you’re sweet lil heart would like to. Naps come highly recommended
Sunset Celebration

It's time to say YES to YOU!

After all, you only have one life.

It’s going down in

[[ days ]]
[[ hours ]]
[[ minutes ]]
[[ seconds ]]

The Hotel: Casa Tara Retreat

Baja Sur, Mexico


Private room with King Bed (1 person): starting at $2697

Email consulting@caseyvanzandt.com for couple pricing

Shared room (2 people): starting at $1997



Plan on arriving and departing - Airport Code: SJD

**Complementary Airport transfers on dates 6/3/2020 and 6/8/2020 from SJD**

Arrival Time

Plan on arriving at SJD no later than 1:00 PM

Departure Time

We will leave hotel around 11:00 AM so book return flight out of SJD after 2:00 PM

***Any special coordination can be arranged through our private driver at an additional cost***

Travel Insurance

Although is not required comes HIGHLY recommended and should be secured within 10-14 days from your initial expense towards the trip.


Do you find yourself checking your Instagram wall for the number of followers you have while you’re out and about with friends? Maybe the number of followers isn’t your thing; you’re more into in the number of likes your photo received on a photo right smack in the middle of dinner? I especially love when I see a group of friends out and every single person is on their phone. Or better yet, are you the couple at dinner not speaking to each other and both are on your phones? That’s a recipe for disaster, and this behavior is growing you further and further away from your relationships! It’s not your fault really because our society has become completely obsessed with our phones and Social Media. This obsession IS the NEW NORM!

To make matters worse, did you know that when you’re on your phone and using social media, there’s an amount of dopamine released that makes you feel good? This temporary feel good feeling is kind of like a “fix” a temporary feeling of happiness that's paired with a super easy coping mechanism to just numb out and not deal with whatever is going on right in front of you. This behavior is pulling you further and further away from the people in your life and is hurting your relationships - straight up!

I'm not saying social media is all bad but what I am saying is too much social media is very concerning and causing a new addiction. Now, I'm certainly not a doctor nor am I pretending to be but that dopamine part I mention above is wicked really and researched! Furthermore, you don't need a doctor to tell you that THE ADDICTION to SOCIAL MEDIA is REAL and IT’S HERE!

Do you have your phone in your hands more than not OR if you accidently leave your phone at home for the day are you uneasy without it??

If you answered with a HELL YES: The 7-day digital detox is the PERFECT program for you!

I have a very easy solution that will improve ALL of your relationships, and it only takes one week to do.

The 7-Day Detox will, without doubt, improve your relationships. The detox will guide you to be more present in all of your relationships including but not limiting friends, family, spouse, lover, animals and also yourself. Spending less time on social will naturally allow for more quality conversations and improve your relationships. Take advantage of what will be a super cool week in your life and experience what it feels like to walk down the street and make eye contact with people without bumping into a street sign and various items that are in your walk path. Warning: if you haven’t made eye contact in a long while it may feel slightly awkward, but you’ll get used to it by the end of the week. Talk to people again, have electronic free zone meals, enjoy not having your phone in your hand 24/7 and trust me both your hands and eyes will appreciate the break.

The detox from social media for a week will allow you experience your relationships without The Social Reach. The Social Reach – is the reason you’re reaching for your phone throughout the day and night checking social media. When you start to explore The Social Reach a bit deeper, you will quickly see that it’s a multi-layered reach, the reasons behind the very many reaches for social media. These reaches my friends are KILLING your relationships.

It’s a trippy observation when you start to see what your Social Reaches are and what’s causing them. It’s quite eye-opening and usually somewhat different for everyone. When the lightbulb goes off, like the ding ding ding sound, you will see clear as day how being on your phone 24/7 is hurting your relationships. Yup, it’s likely your lover and friends are both equally annoyed that your phone is always in hand, lol. The detox is a super quick and easy fix to improve the quality of your relationships and your relationship with yourself.

I know for sure you’ve been at a dinner or three when someone was on their phone the entire time, and you likely mirror that behavior and now you’re both on your phones. Can we say what’s the point loud in ALL CAPS, please?

Bottom line, when you’re detoxing from social media for a week, you are forced to be more present in all of your relationships which will improve your relationships.

When you complete your detox, you will:

  • Have scheduled social media time with time boundaries.
  • Up-level the quality of your relationships.
  • Rank your relationships with a higher priority over your Social Reach(s)!
  • Have healthy boundaries with social media to protect your newly improved relationships.
  • Wake up in the mornings not caring too much about what’s going on in the social media world
  • Gain freedom from this odd obsession we call social media!
  • No longer let social media drive you as you will drive your own social!

The 7-digital social media detox is a no brainer if you:

  • Troll social while you’re with friends
  • Scroll through your Facebook while you are on a date
  • Creep on social while you're in the bathroom at home, out and about, at friends, or at a restaurant.
  • Tweet at a traffic light
  • Stalk Instagram during work meetings
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The Course



Identify and get clear on the total amount of time you spend on social media.



what you’re doing and how you feel when you reach for your phone to check social.



and pre-cleanse your lists to prepare you for your eventual return to social media.



your relationships and your relationship with yourself with new found time instantly.



learn “why” you’re reaching for your phone throughout the day and night checking social media.



healthy boundaries with your time for social media when you return.



for your return to social media.

Who is this detox for?

This detox is designed for you if you spend too much time on social media. You may be wondering how you can participate if social media is a big part of your job or company. That’s easy! You will still do your job, and the necessary components of the job but you're removing the “personal” reasons for being on social for the detox. So you will get on social do your work, but you are not looking for personal reasons. It’s like being at work and not shopping online. You may need to order office supplies online, but you aren’t spending hours shopping online for clothes. See the similarity or difference I should say. ;)

What's included?

+ 7 rich, content filled days of content

+ Daily video in the portal to kick start each detox day

+ Daily digital worksheet to track your learning

+ Community board built into portal to communicate with others in the program

+ Social media freedom!!!


A group program for an entrepreneur or executive designed to position yourself ahead of burnout and create long-term sustainability using intuition and mindfulness.

Are you overwhelmed, on the verge of burn out, and in need for more balance? Stop the never-ending overwhelm and burnout once and for all and become a Mindful Hustler.

The Mindful Hustle will resonate with you IF:

   You're sick of your job

   You dislike your boss

   You're never caught up

   You hate the boss you've become

   You're over stress

   You're on the verge of burnout

   You're looking to learn new ways to have balance be a priority of your life

   You're willing to do the work and put the effort in to do the work

   Open to being more vulnerable so we can get to the root of what's holding you back

   You can be honest with yourself

   You're looking for a new way to live

   You're willing to invest in YOU

The Mindful Hustle

The Mindful Hustle is a six-week mindset group program designed to position yourself ahead of burnout and create long-term sustainability. Whether you're an entrepreneur or an executive, this program will show you how to bring balance into your life, get ahead of burnout, and teach you a new hustle: The Mindful Hustle.

As you go through The Mindful Hustle, you'll start off by identifying any fear-based thoughts that are keeping you playing small. Once you have found them, you'll bust right through them. You will start to experience newfound self-love in all areas of your life and begin to let go of some control and learn how to lean into trust. This new freedom teaches you how to prioritize "you" into your life with a foundation of pure joy.

If you're on the verge of burn out, take it from me, don't deplete your adrenals as NOTHING good comes from all that noise. Let's keep the adrenals chill and get you in a position that you are ahead of the burnout and living and working from a place of pure joy and balance.

The Mindful Hustle Course Outline

Your videos and homework release at the beginning of each week. There are daily reminders set to guide you through the course, so the content is manageable and not overwhelming. Toward the end of most weeks, we'll come together for a one- hour group coaching call to dive into the weekly content a bit deeper. Each Mindful Hustler will also get access to a private online community to communicate with other Mindful Hustlers.

Week One: Free and Clear

Identifying and clearing limiting beliefs

Week Two: I LOVE me some Me

Self-love and self-care for yourself, your family, your friends, and your career

Week Three: The Mindful Hustle Mindset

Eliminate burnout and adrenal fatigue. Learn how to ditch the old ways and transform into your new mindset

Week Four: The Future You

Get crystal clear on what your Mindful Hustle is and how it fits into your unique life. Re: Action Plan

Week Five: The Art of Saying No

All things confidence. Learn the art of saying NO, creating healthy boundaries to maintain a life with a Mindful Hustle. Oh and we also cover your self-worth

Week Six: Reclaim Your Life

Take action, integrate learnings and celebrate


#1. The program has a Spiritual Foundation with attention to faith, trust, and intuition. So to be clear, you WILL NOT be asked to read bible verses of any kind but if spiritual references such as God, the universe, faith, pixie dust, magic, full moons, zodiac signs offend, annoy, or don't jive with you, this program will likely not either.

#2. CONFIDENTIALITY CODE is required to participate. If you have any privacy concerns, I took an extra step to protect your privacy and eliminate anyone's fear and worry about this topic. All participants are required to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) agreements. This NDA was written specifically for this group. As nothing is ever 100% full proof, I also ask that anything discussed in the group stays 100% in the group. Consider this group your tribe, your support group. We will commit to vault all sensitive matters. ZERO TOLERANCE for this issue: you will be removed from the group and not refunded, etc.

Hi, I'm Casey Van Zandt

I teach, preach, and create work-life balance programs with a spiritual foundation to elevate burnout and promote healthy work-life balance.

After a decade of climbing the corporate ladder, I spent majoity of my executive career classified as a workaholic and was able to spend my final years in corporate America as a recovering workaholic. During my transition from workaholic to recovering, I slowly learned to work smarter not harder and was fascinated with the coolness of being able to live in the same lifetime two very different ways and yet my results were still the same. I thought surely I'm not the only executive out there that was doing it the harder way. I have to show people there’s an easier way.

I teach spiritual entreneurs and executives how to work smarter not harder and I'm on a mission to shake up corporate America. I believe company culture and profitability go hand in hand. At the moment, I’m helping companies create workplaces where millennials and Gen Z’s can fit in better, showing employers how to cater to this demographic, and ultimately promoting balance to all of their employees. I also work with people independently that are on the verge of burn-out, and I teach them how to work smarter not harder. I offer group programs that introduce balance and make it accessible for them to bring it into their lives.

I'm passionate about sharing all things work-life balance to anyone that’s a fit and needs my help!

The Course Includes:

   Small and personalized group coaching experience

   Six Group coaching Calls (one hour each)

   Six themed weeks of video content + homework

   Weekly inspired audio downloads

   A private online community to communicate with other Mindful Hustlers

Join The Mindful Hustle:

Sign Me Up!

This is for me!


The Social Media Detox valued at $97

Mindfulness Meditation Bundle valued at $97

I'm a VIP!

This is for me!


Click above to be a VIP and receive a 1:1 private mentoring call with me. During this 1:1 private mentoring call, together we will refine your current hustle and receive personalized custom feedback to your hustle. I'll personally help you nail your mindful hustle and how to get you there. PLUS you'll get 14-days of messenger support over Facebook (starts immediately after your 1:1 session), to get additional support and feedback

The Social Media Detox valued at $97

Mindfulness Meditation Bundle valued at $97

Money Back Guarantee

If after the first three-weeks, you're not satisfied with The Mindful Hustle you will be fully refunded your investment. The only thing I require is that you submit your completed homework for the three weeks, so I know you have tried the program. If the homework requirement is too much to ask for or that bothers you, please do not sign up for the program. I offer the money back guarantee in the event you showed up, tried it out, but it's not working for you. NO PROBLEM! What I don't want is for you to sign up, not fully committed to doing the work, not dive into the program, and then want your money back.

See the difference?!? Personal and professional development work is a commitment and not a breeze so make sure you're committed to the work before you sign up!

The Mindful Hustle IS NOT for you if:

   Spirituality, faith, etc. bothers you when used as references

   The program is too expensive for you

   You don't want to do the work

   You don't want to do the homework

   You're expecting an easy fix like a push of a button and viola

   You're gossipy and can't keep the integrity/confidentiality code of the group

   You struggle to be vulnerable

What you will learn from this mini-course:

Secret #1

Time Management Hacks

You will learn a plethora of time management tips around daily tasks such as email, social media, meetings, and various tasks that are necessary however aren't always profit generating. This training is targeted to make you more accountable with your time at work so you're able to turn it off and have a life outside of the office.

Secret #2

Turn 15 Minute Increments Into Gold

Learn how to maximize 15-minute time increments during your office hours.

Focus on the tasks that are going to make you more profitable and speed up the tasks that need to don't but don't have a direct reflection on your bottom line.

Secret #3

Refine, Repurpose, & Automate Content

Step back and look at the big picture of your business. Stop reinventing the wheel day after day and learn how to refine and repurpose content to have a strategic theme across social media and email campaigns. This efficiency will free up more quality time that will allow you to focus more time on revenue generators.

What You Will Need:

   Internet: To login daily and watch the training videos.

   Time: All three training videos are under 30 minutes each per day.

   Video Deets: Day 1: 28 minutes, Day 2: 19 minutes, and Day 3: 24 minutes.

   Assignment Time: only 15-30 minutes per day. If you already have a jam-packed schedule, not to worry, I'll teach you how to free up this time so you can participate in the training.

   Journal: Grab a new notebook or your favorite journal to take notes on the training videos

   Open Mind: Gift yourself the opportunity to try to maximize the time in all of your work days.

$47: I'm in!
My Story

I prioritized life-balance, unrolled a yoga mat, left a successful executive career, and built a sweet lil business. For the last five years, I’ve been teaching, preaching, and creating work-life balance programs to avoid burnout and balance work and life.

"... I’ve been teaching, preaching, and creating work-life balance programs ..."

I spent most of my executive career classified as a workaholic and was able to spend my final years in corporate America as a recovering workaholic. During my transition from workaholic to recovering, I learned how to balance my work and life. I slowly started to work smarter not harder and was fascinated with the coolness of being able to live in the same lifetime two very different ways and yet my results were still quite similar. I thought surely I'm not the only executive out there doing it the harder way. I have got to teach people that there’s an easier way. So off I went.

"During my transition from workaholic to recovering, I learned how to balance my work and life."

In 2012, I quit corporate America to become a full-time yoga teacher. I planned to weave my work-life balance message through the art of teaching yoga. I quickly expanded and run a super sweet boutique consulting business with a sprinkle of yoga teaching that allows me to share my life-balance message nationally to a much broader audience of companies, business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders through consulting, public speaking, corporate trainings, wellness workshops, yoga classes and retreats.

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One on One Consulting & Coaching

I work with successful entrepreneurs and leaders that are on their way to more success.

As a One on One client, I will provide you with consulting and coaching services that will teach you techniques that will increase your confidence to prepare you for the next level of success you're approaching. You will learn how to balance your work and life. Also, we will focus on the long-term sustainability of your career. I see so many people burnout too early and sell themselves short in that way. Not you!

I have very limited spots open.

Are you ready to bring balance to your work and life?

If so, email me at casey@caseyvanzandt.com or click below to set up a time to chat more!

Schedule My Call
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Get My "Rise Above Stress" Video Training FREE!

Rise Above Stress is an awesome 25-minute video training converting a few of my favorite work-life balance hacks. It's perfect for entrepreneurs and executives that are going through the motions and need more clarity to beat stress once and for all. What if I told you it doesn't have to be as hard as you're making it? Check out this training to improve your energy which will have a direct relation to your energy and your team members or employees.

Kick stress once and for all.

Manage your energy, so you're the boss or company people want to work for you.

Protect your energy space throughout your work days.

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I'd love for us to speak

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Public Classes

Come unwind your busy work day with CVZ on:

Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30p

At @yogaworks Main Street - Bungalow.

Your mind, body, and soul will thank you!



   Slow Gentle Flow

   Level 1/2

   Bungalow is behind the Main Street Studio

   Check in at the main studio (front desk)

   This class sells out so check in at the front desk before 6:30p to snag your spot

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